Our Core Values

These are the core values that shape and determine our ministry and life. They represent our heartbeat and the character we endeavor to possess. We will strive to evaluate ourselves, and everything we do according to these values:

  • The Bible: Is our infallible guide in all matters of conduct, doctrine, and policies.
  • Love: To love God with all our heart, and show others unconditional love, acceptance, and forgiveness.
  • Servanthood: To serve God, by serving the body of Christ and meeting the needs of all we can.
  • Family: To invest time, love, encouragement, and provide for the spiritual development of our families.
  • Personal Growth: To make provision for our continual and intentional spiritual, intellectual, and physical growth.
  • Discipleship: To be a doer of the word in prayer, reading and studying the bible, fellowshipping with other believers, and evangelism.
  • Commitment: To be diligent to fulfill the vision and mission of this ministry, and to live by these values.
  • Glorifying God: To let everything we do, bring only Him, all the glory.