God’s Grace Ministries Uganda

God’s Grace Ministries Uganda
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God’s Grace Ministries was founded in the year 2009, with a vision of helping and supporting orphans and widows.
Children are suffering from poverty, others are dropping out of schools due to lack of support, school fees, and other basic needs. Today, this ministry helps approximately 350 children and teens; and 110 adults many are widows or homeless.

God’s Grace Ministries strives to improve the well-being of the community by empowering each individual through spiritual, social, and economic development. Their goal is to eradicate poverty through self-help initiatives; and to support education and health strategies as one way of providing long term support.

This ministry manages a orphanage for children, and a women’s/homeless shelter providing medical care, education, and income generation activities.

They hold church services.Their children services include residential care, foster care and adoption, supervised independent living, crisis intervention, mental health assessment, homeless services, and in-home counseling. Adult services are financial training, job skills, agriculture to feed their families, adult education and counseling.

God’s Grace Ministries in Uganda Needs:

  • Cost of providing a orphanage and purchasing land.
  • Transportation (motorcycle/ car).
  • A computer
  • A digital camera.
  • Building a women’s center.
  • Furniture for the organization.
  • Building a nursery school.
  • Providing school fees for the children.
  • Sponsorship for the children.
  • Providing books and uniforms for our the children.
  • Implementing a website for the organization.
  • Building GGM organization office.
  • 460 bibles in English or the Rutooro language.

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